Guidelines and Advice

  • More than 2 people should never occupy the hide in order to avoid possible accidents.
  • Don’t move out of the positions, always remain where the board is.
  • Never shoot on sight, bury the shots as we have all heard of accidents occurred through the irresponsibility of a hunter.
  • In enclosed estates there may be cases in which deer or wild boars enter a hide or position and yet the hunter doesn’t want to shoot, the organisation will not be responsible when a case of this nature occurs.  In all enclosed estates the hides will be accompanied by a secretary who will place the property at our disposal.
  • Each invoice will be accompanied by its corresponding VAT.

For owners of the hunting dogs

  • You must have a current licence.
  • In order to contract hunting dogs you must send us a copy of your civil liability insurance.
  • Present invoice for payment of same.
  • Only one dog warden can accompany each pack of dogs, companions are prohibited. This is very important.