You can now reserve your hunting hides! Check out our unscheduled hunts!

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“A Young Hunter is someone who lives each hunt as if it were his first"

          Dear friends, the new 2012/2013 hunting season begins and we make a start by presenting our new hunting calendar.

            We are aware of the economic situation we are all currently living through and that is why I have made sure to conclude guaranteed negotiations for everyone.  We will once again hunt on enclosed estates, having made an important selection based on the management that the owners undertake within their estates in order to ensure the very best quality possible.

         Within our 2012/13 hunting programme, we will be hunting on 3 wild boar reserves with great chances of bringing down animals with excellent trophies, as two of them have not been hunted in for 5 years.  This season we will also enjoy hunting reserves which, after several years without hunting, will enable us to hunt High quality deer and hope to obtain a large percentage of certifications.

                Undoubtedly, and due to the demand from hunters, we will organise another hunt or two outside of the programme, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and consult availability and dates.

             There is no doubt that this year we will enjoy a good programme of hunts with very few hides, so make sure to confirm your attendance as there won’t be room for everyone on some of the hunts.

 Warm regards,