Spanish Ibex

Emblematic Spanish species, with our country being the only destination in which it can be hunted. We can differentiate four varieties, Gredos, Beceite, Ronda and Sudeste.


The stag is the main attraction in Spanish hunting, however stalking it in the rutting season can provide us with a few surprises. We have the option of hunting representative stags and up to measurements in excess of 210 CIC points.

Fallow Deer

We hunt the fallow deer on a number of private estates, obtaining unbeatable results as we have a number of estates on which very big fallow deer can be brought down.

Cantabrian Chamois

We can hunt both types of chamois that inhabit the Iberian Peninsula, the Cantabrian Chamois and the Pyrenean Chamois, with this being one the toughest and rewarding hunts to be undertaken in Spain.


We can hunt this species primarily through stalking, thereby obtaining significant trophies. It is also possible to hunt them with dogs.

Wild boar

The wild boar is one of the species that inhabits the Spanish territory, with some male specimens displaying tusks of 20/22 cm. We principally hunt them with dogs but we sometimes set up ambushes to bring down big trophies.

Roe Deer

The roe deer is gaining in importance due to the quality of the trophies being obtained. We occasionally have permits in León, Palencia, Burgos y Guadalajara.


In Spain we can hunt the Iberian Wolf to the north of the Duero River, with Zamora being the province with the most likelihood of finding it. We can hunt it in the National Hunting Reserve, where they are true professionals in this type of hunt.